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Daily Toolbox: Business

One of my biggest hurdles throughout the last 9+ years of running a small business has been PROCESS. Programs and software are constantly evolving and there truly is no right way to do it. When I was in design school, documenting and displaying our process for each project was a major part of the grading scale, and as much as I hated it - the lessons had significant value. I’ve learned over the years that whether it’s my process for clients, design work, or even house projects and budgeting, it’s crucial to stay organized from the beginning.

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Done is Better than Perfect

I first heard the phrase “done is better than perfect” on the Goal Digger Podcast several years ago. It’s trendy now, but the meaning behind it resonates so deeply with me. For so much of my life, I’ve held back from trying new things out of fear. Fear of failure and/or not having things go exactly the way I envision them. I didn’t strongly pursue team sports, and chose running and snowboarding as my activities because they were safe and comfortable for me. But even in snowboarding, I didn’t throw myself off jumps or try new tricks because…WHAT IF. What if I fell and broke something? …I’ve never broken a bone. What if I don’t do it perfectly? What if I’m not even close to doing it right? What if I look foolish? What if people criticize me? Welcome to the brain of an Enneagram 1, “The Perfectionist”.

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